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Plump up your lips with Me Like Volumising Lip Gloss.

Reach out for the volume maximising lip gloss that makes your lips look fuller. Catch all the glances owing to mesmerising 3D effect and perfectly enhanced contour. The product reduces the visibility of the signs of lip ageing by improving contour and boosting volume. Use regularly for at least two weeks to achieve the long-lasting, volumising effect. Late for the date? Don't worry, the product also provides instant effect of fuller lips for all night kisses.

Depending on the final effect you want to achieve, go for transparent finish with ultra shimmering particles or full coverage colour including subtly sparking pieces.

Me Like Volumising Lip Gloss pampers your lips with moisturising properties preventing from excessive moisture loss. Enjoy the feeling of comfort, and soft lips with optically improved flexibility and elasticity.

A large and well shaped applicator allows precise and even application. Use individually or as a top for favourite lipstick or HD Lip Tint Matte to add gloss.

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