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Rose Soap - Organic and handmade soap with an incredibly small - but crucial - piece of magical rose oil. Luxurious soap that suits all skin types.                                                                                                  

Loelle soaps are created using only the highest quality of cold-pressed and organic botanical oils along with fruit pulp, essential oil or rhassoul clay.  Because of the high quality ingredients, originated from ecologically farmed plants, the soaps of Loelle are very moisture binding and don't dry out the skin as regular soaps tend to do.

They are mild and gentle enough to make into a multi-use-product, which means they are great for face, body and hair!   

Key Ingredients: Rosa Damascene Flower Oil

Key Benefits: Mild and gentle cleansing for skin.

How to use it

Use on face: Lather up in hand  and massage it gently on damp face to dissolve debris on skin. Rinse well. Follow up with Rose water 

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