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Loelle Avocado Oil is rich in antioxidants, hence its deep green colour. Cold pressed and organic from the fruit pulp, this oil is so pure that it even is food graded.  Thisoil is very absorbing which means that it will be absorbed by skin slower. The advantage with this is that it will protect the skins outer layer and it is therefore beneficial for dryer skin.

Fatty acids in Loelle Avocado Oil helps mature and aging skin to recover and prolongs its natural elasticity. A truly versatile oil that also can be used on hair and scalp, lips, cuticles.

For a maximised anti-aging effect, blend a few drops of Loelle Rosehip Oil or Loelle Hemp Seed Oil into your Avocado Oil and use overnight.

Hair Mask Tips:

Mix 1 tbsp of Loelle's Argan oil with 1 tbsp of Loelle's avocado oil, add an egg and possibly some liquid

honey. Massage in all the hair and leave to work for 10 min. Shampoo and conditioner then as usual.


Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil