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Moxi Loves Barefaced cleanser infused makeup removal pads are just what the doctor ordered! Well, if your symptoms include having very little time, being constantly on the go and endlessly seeking products that match your busy lifestyle.


These innovative dry cotton wool cleansing pads support the skin through natural ingredients such as Aloe, Carrot and Vitamin E extracts, ensuring your complexion gets a healthy start and luminous finish every single day.

Suitable for even the most sensitive types of skin, the Barefaced pads are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free as well as having zero alcohol, parabens, sulphates, solvents, or any other irritants.


How to use:

1. Add a few drops of water to the cotton square, make sure not to squeeze the pad after wetting
2. Your pad is active and ready to apply to the face to cleanse using circular motions
3. For the eye area, gently press the cotton square and hold to remove heavier make up
4. No need to rinse! The removal pads leave your skin feeling fresh and residue free!

30 Pads