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Loelle x Grainne McCoy Organic Argan Oil with Bergamot

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Spicy and citrusy Argan Oil & Bergamot is a natural astringent with clarifying and oil-reducing properties that make it ideal for anyone with overactive sebum production. Loelle x Grainne McCoy Argan & Bergmot Oil has a balancing effect aimed at dealing with oily skin; with it’s light consistency and quick absorption, this product will penetrate and unclog pores, while respecting your skin’s natural lipid barrier, neither over-drying nor stripping.

When used regularly, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, speeds up skin healing and soothe irritation. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective natural remedy against acne and psoriasis.

How To Use:

Gently spray your face with Loelle Rosewater then apply a small amount of Argan Oil with Bergamot (one or two drops) to your face massaging gently into your skin. Let the light oil penetrate deep into your skin then allow to air dry. Remember a little goes a long way when using 100% Pure Argan Oil with Bergamot, so you only need one or two drops for your entire face.


Argan Oil, Citrus Bergamot.

Perfume: Linalool* Limonene* 

*occurs naturally in essential oils