Pro Beauty Blender

Grainne McCoy Cosmetics


Achieve a seamless, streak-free finish and a dewy, airbrush finish with the new G's Pro Beauty Blender.

Perfectly shaped for larger areas of the face or smaller areas around the nose or under your eyes.

Perfect for Base, Contour or Blending.


Wet sponge in water or spray and squeeze out the excess. You may place it in a facecloth or towel to ensure a damp feel rather than wet. Gently dip it into your product. It's best to use only the smallest amount of product to begin with.

It is best not to drag or rub the product into your skin with your blender. To achieve the desired finish, it is best to dap/pat or bounce the blender onto the skin. This allows the product to be applied evenly onto the skin thus achieving the airbrushed, dewy finish.

* Latex free *

To Wash:

Soak in warm soapy water, rinse and allow to dry naturally.


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