12pc Brush Collection

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Hi Everyone,

Choosing the correct brushes & knowing how to use each brush can be a challenge..... well not any more! 

The brushes in this Brush Collection are made from the softest, luxurious synthetic hair to give you a flawless and smooth finish and each brush. 

The 12pc Brush Collection:  Dark Blue Sparkle Handle

Available with Downloadable Book

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Foundation Brush 

Concealer Brush 

Setting Powder Brush 

Only limited online stock this week.

The next bush collection will be available in 6 weeks.

Queen Brush

Blusher Brush 

Flawless Finish Brush 

Brow Brush 

Brow Sculpting Brush 

Eyeshadow 1 

Eyeshadow 2 

Eyeshadow 3 

Smokey Smudge Brush 

Brush Holder/Organiser

Thank you for all your support & I really hope you like my brush collection as much I enjoyed designing them for you!

Lots of love,

Grainne x  


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